At Covertia Envolventes, we specialise in the undertaking of all kinds of solutions that guarantee the water-tightness of roofs. We undertake projects aimed at the completion of industrial roofs with excellent results in thermal and acoustic insulation. We provide personalised and versatile solutions for industrial projects.


These are the best solution for large surfaces in terms of performance/price. They have great thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a high degree of waterproofing. hey are recommended for surfaces with little slope. They do not make noise unlike roofs with metallic finishes. They provide good solutions for the illumination of skylights, vents and any through-roof element.

The most important characteristics are its metallic interior support and rigid insulation (rock wool or PIR) as well as the external waterproofing using synthetic (PVC or TPO) or asphalt (single-layer or bi-layer) sheet metal.

  • Solution of greater performance in large surfaces.
  • Maximum reliability.
  • Great acoustic insulation.
  • Air-tightness against dust.
  • Versatility for the assembly of roof accessories.
  • 20 year warranty from the metal sheet manufacturer with synthetic cap sheet and up to 10 years in asphalt sheet metal.


They are considered for architectural or semi-architectural spaces, the shapes admit curved finishes.

They have internal metallic support, a separating profile, rigid insulation as well as an external system of pinch metallic trays.

  • It opens up a whole world of possibilities in terms of geometry and materials.
  • External skin on durable materials: Aluminium, Zinc, etc.
  • Unrestricted designs. Resolution of complex surfaces.
  • Maximum guarantee of water-tightness.


They have metallic support in the factory-produced interior and exterior, as well as intermediate PUR /PIR / rock wool insulation.

  • The perfect combination of speed and ease for Assembly / Price.
  • It admits a multitude of translucent systems, integrating continuous dome lighting solutions in ridges or fables.
  • Light solution.
  • The panel may be used as insulation:
    • PUR or PIR (modified PUR), with better thermal behaviour.
    • ROCK WOOL, with better behaviour for fire and acoustics.
  • The panel may be according to the setting system:
    • Hidden setting: With joint covers, better solution for water-tightness but less mechanical capacity.
    • Seen setting: Without joint covers, with better mechanical capacity.


Its main characteristic is that two profiled planks are used with the lower one supporting the load of the entire part.

They have internal metallic support, spacer bar, insulation, external metallic support assembled on site.

  • A commitment to reliability / price.
  • Its two metallic supports guarantee the roof’s watertightness.
  • All the components for this solution have the best fire rating: Euroclase A.
  • It allows a multitude of translucent systems.


They are the lightest in the market, they have a metallic profile that is curved to support the load-bearing beams.

They are composed of curved internal metallic support, insulation, curved external metallic support, assembled on site.

  • Excellent value relationship between design and price.
  • The two metallic supports guarantee the roof’s water-tightness.
  • All the components of this solution have the best fire rating: Euroclase A.
  • It allows translucent economic solutions.


The main characteristic is that the waterproof sheet metal is protected from ultraviolet rays and other aggressions against it. Because of this, they are ideal for terraces or roofed technical areas.

They may be transitable, non-transitable and landscaped areas. The transitable ones allow the transit of people, while the non-transitable ones are formed by a thin layer of gravel that does not allow traffic.

Regarding the forged solution, formation of Gradients, waterproofing, insulation, external soldering.

There are different possibilities for external finishes.