At COVERTIA, we specialise in re-waterproofing deck roofs, both asphalt and synthetic, folded metal roofing, disassembly or removal of asbestos from fibre cement covers and also in the rehabilitation of façades with industrial or architectural finishes.

covertia rehabilitation

COVERTIA possesses knowledge and experience of all kinds of structures and enclosures that help solve the complex project guarantees for rehabilitation of all types of industrial or residential buildings, logistics or medium surface parks.

The company provides the necessary technical support to make more appropriate decisions and achieve new appropriate enclosures for the needs of its clients and with full warranty.

With the authorisation, after project analysis, of the Department of Prevention, the updates are performed without interfering in the activity that is developed inside the building.

Through the implementation of the Technical Code, the new buildings have had to adjust to the new Energy Classification regulations. It is because of this, that when it comes to performing the rehabilitation of the enclosures of an already-built building, not only might it improve the building’s image, but it may also have the chance to improve the insulation, both thermal as well as acoustic, and have a better Energy Classification.