The completion of this maintenance has the aim of preserving the building’s enveloping surface. It needs to be regular and to ensure its proper functioning and water-tightness, over time, to avoid the damage that may be caused by adverse weather phenomena or the natural wear and tear of the materials.

Law 38/1999 on the Organisation of the Building and the TBC (Technical Building Code) stress the obligation to perform maintenance on the buildings so that their building warranties are effective.

Maintenance has an evident medium-term profitability which prevents problems whose solution has a cost greater than maintenance itself, in addition to increasing the useful life of the building.

In the case that COVERTIA ENVOLVENTES has performed the installation of the building’s enveloping surface, the maintenance is far more efficient, as the team that performs it knows exactly the characteristics of the enveloping surface, as well as the previous development of the construction process and the incidents that may occur later on.

At COVERTIA MONTAJES, we have various repair and maintenance teams at our disposal, that enable us to perform a continuous monitoring of the roof and façade of the building, detect the problems beforehand, as well as propose and adopt the appropriate solutions in each case.


At Covertia Montajes, we guarantee the proper functioning and durability of the facilities, though a work procedure defined in terms of each installation with a calendar for performance agreed with our clients.


We propose the most appropriate action for our clients in terms of the incidents detected in the preventive phase. All of this, in accordance with the obligations stated in the Building Technical Code and having previously prepared a report from our technical department.


If it were necessary, Covertia Montajes undertakes the urgent interventions caused by regular and extraordinary damage, to then recommend the necessary actions for the definitive clearing.

We also avail of the possibility to prepare reports on the safety of the roof and façade and perform the necessary activities so as to be appropriate according to the regulations, by means of our investee company Marboré Protección el Altura.